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March 20, 2017, 02:10:02 PM by RasmusDJ | : 2866 | : 7

Hi all

A friend of mine just received a new prototype of a new chaff filter. It it a lot bigger, but still fits into the roaster. It should be alot easier to clean as you easily can take it out, wash it and put it back again.

Have a look at it here. I'm really looking forward to hearing how it works.

March 07, 2017, 12:45:01 PM by RasmusDJ | : 2059 | : 3

Hi all,

Jacob just posted the following

 have just released a new version of Roast Time. Start Roast Time a few times and it will update automatically. For this new version to work with the Bullet R1 it requires a firmware update. Roast Time will automatically update the Bullet when it is connected.
Please make sure that you start Roast Time when the Bullet is cool. There is a message you should read and only click OK if you are not roasting, as it will shut down the R1 and force the update.


Some of the improvements to the Bullet R1's firmware are:
1) The R1 now buffers data to prevent data loss and wrong sample times for Roast Time. We had to change the USB protocol, which is why the Firmware needs to be updated before it will work.
2) Back to Back roasting now possible. Press F1 during cool and it will go to an Off mode where you can set your pre-heat temperature again while continue to cool the beans. F2 button now toggles the cooling tray fan as well, so you can control the cooling tray with the Fan Up/Down buttons.
3) Method for pre-heat now looks at bean derivative, so should be easier to go to charge mode.
4) Blocked blower fan now reported as A-01 in clock display
5) Dead man's switch now reported as A-02 in clock display
6) A low input voltage now reported in clock display as A-04
7) Stalled blower fan or excessive forced cooling now reported in clock display as A-08. If you get the error message then I am interested in hearing from you :)
8) A Fahrenheit bug was also fixed


For the Roast Time we also have a few improvements. As always, you can see the log file if you go to Settings, the about Tab and click the button.
1) Added option to name the roast instead of using bean name
2) Right click on the roast profile list for more options
3) Double click on the roast profile list to edit. You can edit FC and SC times as well.
4) Analyse function to filter and analyse roasts
5) Bean data bugs fixes with some data not being saved and loaded correctly
6) You can enable / disable graphs by pressing the buttons on the top right corner. If no graphs are shown the first time, then just press the buttons.
7) Fixed bug with roast not asking to save if roasting was started before the USB was attached

I'm crossing my fingers that all Bullets will be updated without problems. Please do NOT pull out the USB cable or power off the Bullet during the updating process, and remember to follow the instructions on the screen. If something goes wrong during the update process then we have a way to help you, just message me on the aillio facebook page.
November 21, 2016, 08:51:54 AM by RasmusDJ | : 2626 | : 4

In one of the coming updates from Aillio to RoastTime and the Firmware, they will bring one of the most wanted updates. Multitasking for the Bullet R1, so we cool a batch of beans, and put the roaster into preheat aswell. The software is being testet at the moment, I will give et a test in the upcoming weekend.

Really looking forward to this feature.
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